About Us 

As old as modern Mumbai itself, Parle Book Depot has a hand on the pulse of Mumbai since 1960. It is one of the oldest and premium retail book store with over five million books and thousands of Publications national and international changing hands over its counters.

The company has been founded on pure passion for the written word. The inspiration and fundamentals on which the company will be functioning are broadly as follows,

  • Subjects of the books to be in simple layman standards
  • The books will be more illustrations led for better understanding
  • Eco friendly papers and printing to be amongst the best in the world
  • Competitive and stable pricing.

The way forward:
Apart from the regional languages the company plans to expand into other foreign languages also.

Connected across Maharashtra with a strong network of dealers and distributors. The same is being replicated nationally as well.


  • Converting the research into knowledge.
  • Empowerment through knowledge. Creating a knowledge bank.
  • Development of intelligent, driven and dedicated human resources.

Our Mission
Empower future generations with the right knowledge which facilitates them in becoming successful

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