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  Author - Megha Bajaj  

The WoW English Readers series (Grade 1-8), created by award winning writer and teacher

Megha Bajaj, is a revolutionary way of teaching English to young minds. It incorporates several novel techniques and ensures the fulfillment of two primary objectives - one, to develop a love for English language within each student and two, to ensure that the student imbibes certain important life skills like self-esteem, gratitude, empathy and growing sensitivity towards his or her inner world as well as the outer one in which he or she lives.

Some important features of the series are as follows:

  1. The series has been designed keeping high standards of aesthetics in mind.
  2. The content is predominantly written by the writers from the WoW team which consists of teachers and authors having wide experience of working with students and an in depth understanding of child psychology.
  3. The content, both prose and poetry, is a wonderful mix of various themes and genres.
  4. The series facilitates the acquisition of language structure through the three main techniques of COMPREHENSION, CREATION and COMMUNICATION.
  5. The exercises and activities address several creative and technical aspects of English language ensuring that the young minds are widened, engaged and ignited with a growing love for Literature.
  6. The components of each chapter includes: Thinking, Writing, speaking, listening, reading, Grammar, Vocabulary and Life Skills. Each is designed to empower the student to develop critical thinking as well as an evolving consciousness about the world within and without.