Education Books  Reader

The WoW English Readers series (Grade 1 – 8) is a revolutionary way of teaching English to young minds. It incorporates several novel techniques and ensures the fulfillment of two primary objectives – one, to develop a love for English language within each student and two, to ensure that the student imbibes certain important life skills like self-esteem, gratitude, empathy and a growing sensitivity towards his or her inner world as well as the outer one in which he or she lives.

Some important features of the series are as follows:

  • The series has been designed keeping high standards of aesthetics in mind because studies prove that a child is more eager to learn from a book which he or she finds visually appealing, than otherwise.
  • The content is predominantly written by the writers from the WoW team which consists of teachers and authors having a wide experience of working with students and an in depth understanding of child psychology.
  • Some material has been sourced from classics and well known contemporary texts that use themes relating to a student’s day to day life.
  • The content, both prose and poetry, is a wonderful mix of various themes like adventure, fiction, non-fiction, humor, nature, inspirational, myths, science and legends.
  • The series facilitates the acquisition of language structure through the three main techniques of COMPREHENSION, CREATION and COMMUNICATION.
  • The exercises and activities address several creative and technical aspects of English language ensuring that the young minds are widened, engagedand ignited with a growing love for Literature.
  • The components of each chapter includes: Thinking, Writing, Speaking, Listening, Reading, Grammar, Vocabulary and Life Skills. Each is designed to empower the student to develop critical thinking as well as an evolving consciousness about the world within and without.
  • The Thinking and Reading Sections enable the student to analyze the text strategically and draw parallels from it into his or her own life.
  • The Writing Section has been designed in an ingenious way to ensure the student develops a keen interest in both fictional and non-fictional writing and learns to write in a more structured way. It offers path breaking exercises to a child aimed at developing a natural inclination towards expression through words.
  • The Speaking and Listening section includes several confidence building exercises where the student learns to converse – one-to-one and also one-to-many. It also consciously ensures that every child is given the opportunity to develop his communication skills by becoming confident speakers as well as empathetic listeners.
  • The Grammar section is simplified and structured so that the students can develop a strong foundation and learn with enjoyment without getting daunted by the numerous nuances of this language.
  • The Vocabulary section is activity based in most part so that the student’s growing knowledge of words consistently expands in a fun and exciting manner.
  • The Life Skills section enables the child to conclude and assimilate the entire chapter and reflect upon how it relates with his or her own life. It will give him or her enough food for thought – and grounds for expression.
 Education Books Grammar 

The Growing in love with Grammar series (Grade 1 – 8) is a revolutionary way of teaching English to young minds. Not only does it address the urgent need for an age specific, simplified and structured grammar course but it also gives teachers ample of teaching tips and games to make the sessions extremely interactive and interesting. Developed keeping strong aesthetics in mind, this series hopes to appeal to a child’s intellect in a significant way and thereby enhance the learning experience.

Some important features of the series are as follows:

  • Each grammar concept is explained using a conversational tone and is followed by several examples. The exercises that follow help the students to assimilate what is being taught.
  • Each chapter is preceded by a note to the teacher which speaks about how the concept should be introduced to the students. There are suggested games and activities that will make the session much more enjoyable for students. The series contains over 100 ideas to make the learning of grammar simple and practical. We have used audio, visual and kinesthetic tools throughout the series for this purpose.
  • Larger units have been broken into smaller more manageable ones so that new information is taken to students in an organized way without overwhelming them.
  • Novel techniques have been used throughout the book to teach difficult concepts in an easy and exciting manner.
  • The worksheets have been tried and tested on various heterogeneous groups of students before creating the series.
  • Tremendous care has been taken to ensure that all the unusual usages, common errors and exceptions to rules are mentioned clearly and enough examples are given for the same to ensure a smooth learning process.
  • A concept is revised and reviewed several times through various different exercises to ensure it has seeped into the student’s mind.
  • The books use a comfortable font size, contemporary graphics and appealing designs to make the learning process more interesting.
  • The structure is well defined and only one concept is taken up at a time. There are thorough revision and recall sessions to ensure the highest level of retention.