New Release 
New School Atlas 

Highlights of Atlas:

  • Detailed and accurate maps.
  • Comprehensive political maps of Indian States and Union territories, Including the newly formed TELANGANA and ANDHRA PRADESH states.
  • Natural Resources of India represented through maps.
  • Continent wise detailed maps of the world, with latest geopolitical changes.
  • Colourful maps showing physical, political, population timezone, climate, and resources of world.
  • An Illustrated section on astronomical information, geographical information, scale, graticule and map projection.
  • A colourful section of flags and profiles of the countries of the world.
  • India facts and figures.
  • World facts and comparisons.
  • An easy to use index of important places.
  • All maps approved from Survey of India.
New Lab Manuals 


  • New Practical Lab manuals / Journals for ICSE class 9/10.
  • All practical’s given in details with colour illustrations.
  • Special Student manual with journal papers to write practical observations after the explanation.